Sweden 2003

Bremen - Puttgarden/Rödby (F) - Helsingör/Helsingborg (F) - Sommen - Hjälmaren - Mariefred - Väddö - Strömstad - Helsingborg/Helsingör (F) - Rödby/Puttgarden (F) - Bremen

The caravan "Eriba Swing 465" has the right length for travel and offers good comfort for sleeping and living during long trips. The caravan is uploaded to 1.500kg, so there is a lot of reserve for any load.

The picture below shows car and caravan on a rest place in Denmark, which often is used as breakpoint on the way to Scandinavia.
2003_neuer Wohnwagen

Lake Sommen lies to the east of the Vättern. In the same named small village at the north end of the lake live Sonja and Martin. Our Swedish linguistic proficiency which it taught earlier in Bremen evening classes is to be owed to her. In the area rich in wood all around Sommen many wild animals are to be found. In the town coat of arms of Trannås, the district capital 10 km away, the cranes are illustrated,who often rest here on the meadows.

With a high afternoon excursion this snapshot could be made.


If one goes on the map of the north point of the Vättern to the east, one bumps into a bigger lake, the Hjälmaren. Around on his shores nice camping places are found.


The area of the Hjälmaren to Stockholm is passed through from small and big castles which can be visited partly. In Mariefred stands the castle Gripsholm which served many films as a background. Today the castle accommodates - beside Stockholm - the Swedish gallerie.

The photo was taken from the camping place situated apart and shows the castle and the place.


On the Swedish east coast, to the north of Stockholm in the area Roslagen situated, the long-pulled island Väddö which is separated by a canal of the mainland is found. At the north point lies the city of Grislehamn. From here one can ship in a 2-hour ferry-journey favourably to the Åland archipelago. Originally we wanted to undertake a day trip on Åland islands, however, at short notice this would have been possible only without car. Therefore, we have shifted the visit to the year on it. Tip: On the Internet the navigation line offers everyday with 5 departures 2 more favorable for the caravans / campers which one must book, however, before absolutely (www.eckeroelinjen.se).

The picture shows the south point of Väddö which resolves in many smaller islands.


From on the eastern side of the island Väddö recumbent camping place one had clear view on the sea in the direction of Åland islands / Finland.
The water temperatures of the Baltic Sea lay here with approx. 18°C.


Strömstad, on the Swedish west coast, was since the 80s our main destination in summer
with the children. We know many friends since this time. However, an excursion belonged always to the end of the tour after Bjälveröd camping.

Here we are to guest with Otto and Molli which were to be found on the neighbour-camping place Daftö from May to September.


Besides, in a vacation by the sea one should absolutely have an engine-done (tube) boat to be able to explore also the corners in the Schären-garden which one cannot reach by car or ferry (to the south of the Koster islands, e.g., bigger seal colonies) are found. In summer one goes regularly out on the Schären to sun himself or to cool in the sea. Importantly: Besides, personal security equipment (life jacket, bilge pump, emergency rockets, phone, tools) NEVER forget! Even if the sea area is familiar for many years, a sea map is always aboard!


From the boat the coastal scenery of quite an other side discloses. Here a photo of the sea entrance to Strömstad. On the right the ferry to Sandefjord which maintains a connection to Norway.


From the end of July the mackerel arrives at smaller and bigger shoals in the Kosterfrord and hunts the small fish schools. Besides are cod to find sea-salmon, ling, dogfish, horn-rimmed pike and other one. As our children still went they wrote in a postcard to friends: "The disaster comes! Dad catches so much that we must eat fish every day!" Unfortunately, the fish continuance has decreased during the years constantly.

A fresh, even smoked mackerel enriches of course tremendously the holiday kitchen and tastes excellently.


However, with the electric smoked stove other lusciousness can be also prepared. Our children know deep-sea shrimps who are called on in Swedish "Räkor", only smoked. To the holiday conclusion in Strömstad there is always a dinner with "Rökt Räkor".


On crossing the Öresunds
the castle from Helsingör greets as a first, before entrance in the harbour on Danish side. Even if are still to be driven more than 400 kilometres to Bremen and still the last overnight stay stands in a queue in Denmark, the vacation is - at this point - according to feeling, actually, always to an end.