Günni's private sides

In the beginning there was only one picture with my family in a rubber dinghy
(picture was made at Swedish west coast)


... and now a side about the hobby, complements with a holiday QSL-card collection

          DL9BCP         QSL-card-collection
Amateurradio, my hobby              Holiday QSL-card collection

In spring 2003 we bought a new caravan Eriba Swing 465 - only used by my wife and me - after our both daughters don't travel with us any longer. With this new caravan we have expanded our travel activities. In spring and autumn we made some tours to the German eastsea-coast (Usedom, Darß, Poel, Boltenhagen), and in the summer saison we traveled more intensive through Scandinavia. Here some impressions of our tours.

Neuer Wohnwagen
Sweden holidays 2003

Alandreise 2004
Åland-Islands 2004

Haverud 2005
Sweden holidays 2005
(Öland, Haverud and Westcoast)

Finnland 2006
Finland- and Swedentour 2006
(1x Polarcircle and back, or 4.650km in 4 weeks)

Osterurlaub 2007
Eastsea Easter 2007
(Rostocker Heide, Warnemünde)

Schweden 2007
Sweden holidays 2007
(... and a lot of fish)

Rügen 2008
Rügen, april 2008
(arround the island)

Sweden 2008
Sweden holidays 2008
(Gotland in 4 weeks ...  without boat but with bicycle)

Aland 2009
Åland-Archipelago 2009
(Island-Hopping from Sweden to Finland)

Aland 2009
Sweden holidays 2012
(at the westcoast)

More tours are planned.