Holidays Easter 2007

travelling tour:
Bremen - Graal-Müritz - Rostocker Heide - Warnemünde - Kühlungsborn - Bremen

In the beginning we tried to spend our holidays on Texel island at the northseacoast. But there was not enough place on the campside we thought to go to. So we switched over to the eastseacoast of Mecklenburg. Between Rostock and Fischland you find Graal-Müritz on the map. South to the village there is the" Ostsee-Camp" within a big forest area, called "Rostocker Heide". The region is right to be explored by walking or biking. After crossing the dune you directly stay on the eastsea-beach.

In the wood, protecting the coast, there was a plate, maybe from old DDR-historie:

"Das Betreten der Küstenschutzbauten wie Buhnen, Dünen, Schutzwald und Deiche außerhalb der gekennzeichneten ......"


Picture in search of a mistake on the right side!
(Port entrence of Warnemünde)

2007_Warnemünde_Port_1 2007_Warnemünde_Port_2

Lighthouse Warnemünde - close to walk and beach. In preparation of the evening-event: "Leuchtturm in Flammen".


During our visit, the town spent a harbours festival.


"Am Strom" you find sightseeing ships and fishing boats. Of course "fish enough" were offered.


A Russian 4-mast-sailing vessel could be visited, too.


With some fortune in the Rostocker Heide you could watch roes.