Sweden 2007

Bremen - Puttgarden/Rödby (F) - Helsingör/Heslingborg (F) - Hjo (Vättern) - Habo (Vättern) - Mariestad (Vänern) - Strömstad -  Helsingborg/Helsingör (F) - Rödby/Puttgarden (F) - Bremen

On the west side of the Vättern you can find the place Hjo with a nice camping place - which lies directly on the shore of the lake. Also one can stand on the camping place in the "first row", and "with the second one one sees" the other sea shore even better.


After a short walk along the sea shore (approx. 500m) one reaches of the camping place in the local centre and to the harbour.


Approx. 50 km to the south of Hjo and northwesterly from Jönköping - something off the main thoroughfares, however, absolutely worth seeing - lies the small place Habo with his wooden church.


The inside of the wooden church is filled completely with painting. Guidances are offered.

2007_Habo_Kirche_Altar   2007_Habo_Kirche_Orgel


Along the Vättern the small yachtsman's harbours who invite to a rest and unique views of the lake are found over and over again


To the north of Mariestad, on the east shore of the Vänern situated, one comes to a row of islands which are practicable by car / bicycle. Something off the ferry-stop to Brommö (autotransport only with approval) the view can be enjoyed by Trosö on the Vänern.


It was very windy, but the rest and this view have compensated for everything.


Far in the background Hunneberg and Hälleberg let assume itself.


Finally, after two years the rubber dinghy was assembled again and it went out to the fishing! Past in the physical harbour of Rassö on the Swedish west coast, to the south of Strömstad.


Out on the Kosterfjord, with a water depth of 200 - 300 m the system of 5 mackerel-hooks with 200gr. weight of lead allow to drop approx. 5  - 10 m and catch up directly the hinge again - serrate - and mostly in all hooks a mackerel. After approx. 1 hour fishing had to be finished, because in the meantime the fish jump out of the  full bucket and hop through the boat.


The catch can be seen.


The cleaned fish became salted and were smoked. This year the whole stock of smoke chips was puffed
"by the chimney" (5 l of bucket) on vacation.


On the return journey of the hinge reasons this pennon struck me (a double click on the picture increases it). Uusually Scandinavians draw up a national flag or a pennon if they are at home. Here a Norwegian seems to own a Stuga (log cabin) in Sweden ... or should it concern here a flag of "Schwegen"?