Rügen 2008

Bremen - Dierhagen (Fischland) - Schaprode (Rügen) - Nonnevitz (Rügen) - Nipmerow (Rügen) - Rerik - Bremen

Easter fell in March and was very early this year. However, as during the past years also we started only at the beginning of April with our short trip to  Rügen. The camping places were opened, however, the vacationer's rush kept very much to a certain extent.

To form the journey after Rügen appropriate for vacation, we preserved
an interstop in Dierhagen on Fischland  to "acclimatize".


Having come in Schaprode, the weather inserted a short pause - an ideal opportunity to visit the spirit-distill in Lieschow, the pottery in Wusse, the church in Waase, and the home museum in Gingst. Practically: In the cooker integrated waffle iron with prescription.


From Schaprode it went
over on the island Hiddensee by ship. We went to Neuendorf of board and walked on the beach to Vitte.


This felt also well in such a way, because as a result there was the following to report: Our first amber finding!


Return to Schaprode
with the ferry.


The look from the caravan to the west - especially in the                                                        At the beginning of the dusk the beacon in the
evening - was indescribable. Sundown about Hiddensee                                                       lighthouse brier on Hiddensee was also lighted.

Rügen_2008_Abenddämmerung    Rügen_2008_Dornbuschfeuer

The rainbow camp in Nonnevitz completely in the north Rügens lies in the wood, directly after the wide beach


By bicycle it went of Nonnevitz to Cap Arkona


Not fare away from Cap Arkona the small fishing place Vitt can be find with good view of the marine bearing tower and the Arkona chalk rocks.


An other bicycle tour - outgoing from Nonnevitz -                                                Afterwards there was one more stop
in the Wieker Bodden
first led us to Dranske with a good view of Hiddensee.                                                                              with a small fish snack.                                 

Rügen_2008_Dranske     Rügen_2008_Wieker_Bodden

Service is written
LARGELY on the camping place in Nipmerow: Not only that we got fresh bread delivered on time every morning as the only guests on the place, but there was also an excellently travelling tip by the nature reserve Jasmund and a superfavorable shuttle to Sassnitz! During the Störtebeker festival there is also a shuttle to and from Ralswiek, and with the map procurement one is also helpful!

The long rain period had made soft the chalk coast that new demolitions had to be blocked off over and over again.


Though the footpath went constantly uphill and downhill, but the view was overpowering.


The Viktoria's view - in look width to the Königstuhl - rises more than 100 m over the sea.
Rügen_2008_Tafel     Rügen_2008_Viktoriasicht

... and the Königstuhl. Aim of many holiday ships of Sassnitz outgoing. About a wooden stair down one can reach directly to the sea. But care: Afterwards, finally, one must also climb up just 600 steps again!
After a 3 km of walk one can reach the parking bay situated in Hagen - or, nevertheless, takes rather immediately the line coach.