Sweden 2012

Bremen - Puttgarden/Rödby (F) - Helsingör/Helsingborg (F) - Sommen - Strömstad -  Helsingborg/Helsingör (F) - Rödby/Puttgarden (F) - Bremen

After the visit of a good, Swedish friend in Sommen (at lake Sommen) we went on direct way to the holiday location "Bjälveröd Camping", to the south of Strömstad. Relaxating and rest was announced! Our place was from high trees surrounds which let pass the sun, but also could have shades. To be able to speak with the world a short wave antenna (W3DZZ) was mounted.

Schweden 2012 - Campingplatz Bjälveröd-Camping

A landing stage also belongs to the camping place - starting point for quite a lot of fishing-tours on the Kosterfjord.

Schweden 2012 - Bootssteg Bjälveröd-Camping

The camping place is at the border of the Schären-garden. By the boat one needs approx. 20min journey to reach to the Kosterfjord.


Not all ships are intended for holiday journeys: Here a mackerel catcher who swills out both high-ranking poles into left and right to the fishing. To them are fastened long hinge tendons and hooks which are pulled then through the water, so that the mackerels bite.

2012 - Räuchermakrelen

The 2012th summer in Sweden belonged not to the hottest and driest ones....


If it admitted the weather, it went out by boat to fish in the Kosterfjord

2012_Räucherofen in Aktion

... and such a thing happens when two fishermen prevail two hours freely.


Mackerels can be roast, insert... or put into smoke


Two-lined smoked stove, electric heated, temperature controlled by thermostat.
First the fish is cooked, afterwards he get smoke.


the result


A visit on "Longholmen"


In nice weather an ideal destination as staying in the sun, bathing or relaxing



Real "sandy beach" is rather rare here.


Look at the Kosterfjord with the great islands North-Koster, South-Koster and Ramsö.
The island with the beacon (on the top right) is called "Vattenholm"
Far in the west one sees the striking double towers of the lighthouse to "Ursholmen" (below on the right)

2012_Kosterfjordblick   2012_Kosterfjordblick

2012_Ursholmen   2012_Kosterfjordblick