DL9BCP, the radio amateur


   Antennas on top of the house were mounted in 1994:

     - Groundplane, X-50, for 2m und 70cm Packet-Radio
     - 9 ele Flexa-Yagi, horizontal, for 2m ssb
     - 3 ele 3-Band-Beam (FB33,Fa.Fritzel), for 10,15 and 20m
     - Rotor RC5-A

    A helping hand by Rudiger, DL2NP, and Bernd (Schappi),

    Today You can find also a Zepp for the 40m-Band.

    A homemade magnetic antenna (40m und 80m) stay
    ready for use under the roof.

On this picture You can see

          - Tranceiver Yaesu FT-101 ZD
          - external VFO, Yaesu FV-101 Z
          - Antenna tuner, Dentron MT-3000 A
          - VHF-Allmode, Yaesu FT-225 RD
          - 2m-PA, homemade, with QQE-06/40

       The equipment expands the last years:

          - Tranceiver Kenwood  TS-850S, TS-50S
          - Antenna tuner, Kennwod AT-50
          - Power amplifier, Kenwood TL-922
          - VHF/UHF-Tranceiver, Kennwood TM-G707

Through the lots of radio contacts and received QSL-cards some
 diplomas were able to work. On the picture some of them are
 shown, p.ex. Isle-Ruegen-diploma, Conveniat-diploma, Pater-
 Roberto-Landell-diploma, actio-40-diploma, 60 Years-Amateur-
 radio-in-DL-diploma, AFM-diploma, WXBR-diploma. Of course
 the GSA-diploma (German-Scout-Award) is worked, too!

 My DIG-number (Diplom-Interessen-Gruppe) is: DIG-5244.

 In my QSL-card-collection there are more than 100 worked
 countries. For Germany there are confirmed a number of
 different DOK (Distrikt-Orts-Kenner):
 238 DOK for the 2m-Band (DLD-100 is worked)
 412 DOK for the 40m-Band (DLD-300 is worked)
 257 DOK for the 80m-Band