Günni's Holiday-QSL-Cards

The hobby "amateur radio" - on vacation carried out - helps to hold contact with the world from time to time. Often receives the selfbuilt "Triple leg", a vertical wire antenna for the 20m-band the advantage. Built up quick, uncomplicated and easily with the 10-m-high glass fiber-tower, quite a lot of non-European calls succeed with 100 W of broadcasting achievement in SSB from Kenwood-Transceiver TS-50S.

2008_Funk_Gotland     2009_Funk_Aland
       On the left: 2008 - Burgsvik at the south end of Gotland (EU-020)        On the right: 2009 - Island Kökar (EU-002), Åland archipelago

The QSL-card, a written confirmation of the effected radiocommunication, rounds the contact.

With this card amateurradio-contacts from home will be confirmed.

This QSL-card gets the more meaning if, besides, was broadcast by an island. In the beginning printed cardboard was used, later the home-made holiday snaps found use.

2002 - Eastcoast Sweden

2002_Schweden     2002_Schweden
97 speech radio contacts in only two hours of Gräsö (EU-084) with other European radio stations.

2004 - Åland Islands

64 speech radio contacts of 3 different locations
(Alebo/Eckerö; Mariehamn; Degersand/Eckerö).
In the IOTA-contest radiocontact with Taiwan.

2006 - Tour Finland and Sweden

2006_Finnland_Schweden     2006_Finnland_Schweden
In Finland the radio station in two locations establishes: Savonlinna in the southeast and Rovaniemi in south Lapland.


58 speech radio contacts on two days of the island Seskarö (EU-139)
with other European amateur radio stations.

2007 - Sweden (between Vättern and Vänern and on the west coast)

2007_Schweden     2007_Schweden
In two locations the radio station establishes: Mariestad at lake Vänern and Strömstad on the west coast

2008 - Tour over the Island Gotland (EU-020)

2008_Gotland     2008_Gotland
      122 speech radio contacts from to Gotland                                 12 radio contacts from Ljugarn                
belonging island Fårö (EU-020) in the north                                (East coast of Gotland, EU-020)        

2008_Gotland     2008_Gotland
            28 speech radio contacts from the south end Gotland           12 connections of Sandhamn in Gotlands west coast          
under it China (BD), India (VU) and Korea (HL)
                                     under it 2x USA                              

2009 - Island-Hopping about the Åland archipelago to Finland and back

2009_Alandinseln_Finnland                     2009_Alandinseln_Finnland
  The first location on the west side of the main island                 119 connections of the island Vardö (EU-002) on two days       
  in Käringsund on Eckerö - 40 radio contacts in 1 hour                    under it 2x Japan, (YES), the USA (W7) and once more          
           under it Canada (VY2), Dubai (A6) and Saudi Arabia (HZ)
                                                     Canada (VY2)                                                             

2009_Alandinseln_Finnland     2009_Alandinseln_Finnland
     The third island stop on Kumlinge (EU-002):                The fourth island stop on Brändö (EU-002):      
76 radio contacts, under it China (BD), Japan, (JA),
     47 radio contacts, under it Indonesia (YB), Canada (VY2)
Kuweit (9K), the Central African Republic (TL)                                                    and the USA (N1)                          
and Namibia (V5)                                                                                                        

2009_Alandinseln_Finnland     2009_Alandinseln_Finnland
           10 speech radio contacts of Merikarvia from the              302 radio contacts on two days of the island Reposaari 
   Southwest coast Finland, under it Swaziland (3DA)
         (EU-173) close Pori, under it 4x Japan, (JA), Thailand (HS),
                                                                                                                                   Canada (VE) and the USA (W9)                              

2009_Alandinseln_Finnland     2009_Alandinseln_Finnland
                The sixth island stop on Kökar (EU-002):                             The seventh island stop on Föglö (EU-002):                 
 195 radio contacts on two days, under it 14x Japan, (JA),
        166 radio contacts in 4 hours, among other things with  
2x Indonesia (YB), 2x Canada (VE) and 3x USA                    Tajikistan (EY), Japan (JA) and India (VU)

The eighth island stop on the southwest side of the main island in Degersand on Eckerö (EU-002):
154 speech radiocommunications on three days, under it 6x Japan (JA) and 2x Israel (4 X)

2010 - Swedish westcoast: Silence and some fishing

2010_Westküste Schweden
Swedish westcoast, south of Strömstad. More time for being lazy and fishing needs, than to the use amateurradio.
Few radio contacts within Europe.

2012 - Swedish westcoast: Silence and some more fishing

Swedish westcoast, south of Strömstad. A lot of time used to relax what was not valid, nevertheless, for the maceril-fishing.
So the electric smoked oven was in action often.
Because of a demaged TRX  in 2011 no radio contacts were possible, this year 44 QSO's came into the log. Beside contacts with own regional club-members (I18)
and various British Olympia's stations as well as other radio stations in Europe also 9M6 (east Malaysia), 7 X (Algeria) and 5B (Cyprus) were reached.