Åland-Archipelagos 2004

Bremen - Puttgarden/Rödby (F) - Helsingör/Heslingborg (F) - Sommen - Gränna - Grislehamn/Eckerö (F) - Mariehamn -Degersand -Eckerö/Grislehamn (F) - Strömstad -  Helsingborg/Helsingör (F) - Rödby/Puttgarden (F) - Bremen

Gränna is one on the east shore of the Vättern a situated place which is famous for his "Polkagriser" what translates freely "polka pigs" is called. In many shops which offer partly also an insight the production of the sweets these peppermint poles are offered in many taste directions.

In the walk by the place this name plate struck in the double entrance of a house. Here practical-wise "Grenna Polkagris Kokeri" (sweet store) and "Tandläkare" (dentist) are found together under the same roof.


From the cliffs Eckerös, the western great island of Åland, one has a good view of the ferry
"Alandia" running from Grislehamn.

2004_Alandflagge und Fähre

The church of Eckerö belongs to the old buildings on the island. Even if she looks insignificant from the outside, a visit repays.


The church space is filled with mural paintings. The ship model hanging from the cover reminds of the post and the seafarer's time.


About Åland islands there ran the post which connected the Swedish royal family with his possessions in Finland in a regular service. Everywhere on the post sign one hits - even the Eckeröfähren lead it. Annually in the early summer takes place - in support of the former postal courier's service - a regatta of Väddö to Eckerö by partly restored oar and sail boats from past and in old costumes.


Kastelholm is an old, relatively well-preserved castle arrangement.


Directly beside Kastelholm there is the home museum Jan Karlsgarden. The "Majstången" on Åland islands differ very much from those in Sweden. However, the same windmills are to be found just also on the Swedish east coast to down to Öland.


Who has bought crispbread already once in the Swedish supermarket, will have been surprised absolutely, why some kinds had a hole in the middle.
In an old farmhouse we found the solution:


The remains of the fortress Bomarsund book the Russian past. It was destroyed by English and French naval unities in 1843 (+/-).


Degersand owns a camping place with nice sandy beach. One can see the ferries passing in the distance on their way from Sweden to Finland which insert a short interstop in Mariehamn. From here one needs from only 20 to 30 minutes of drive to reach to the ferry in Eckerö to Grislehamn.


The physical reserve "Saltö" on the Swedish west coast, to the south of Strömstad, also has a public bath place. After a 5-minute walk of the parking bay by the wood, one finds miraculous sandy beach. If one looks after the south above the water surface, one sees on the other shore the fishing harbour and yachtsman's harbour of Resö.


In the northern turning place of "Saltö" one has a nice view of the northern Koster islands. Far in the background behind it there lies the Norwegian mainland.


To reach to the rocks
"Longholm" lying in the background on the right, it needs of the camping place approx. 15-minute boat journey. With water depths between 10 and 40 m many boats drive out in summer to the mackerel fishing.


From "Saltö" 2 bridges lead "Daftö" by the Schären-garden back to the mainland. In the background the mussel breeding arrangements are to be seen. Unfortunately, the number of the swimming islands has become
less and less during the last years.


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